Dinner at Buddha-Bar London

Last weekend we dined at the lovely Buddha-Bar restaurant in London, for my friend Chinelo’s 27th birthday. The restaurant is beautifully designed with dark toned decor, dimmed lights and Buddha imagery. We were politely greeted at the door by friendly staff, who accompanied us to our table, followed by a waiter who seemed to be on edge later on in the night, as it got busy. Our food didn’t take long to arrive. We all ordered an assortment of dishes from the menu which was very enjoyable and filling. Upon my first visit, I went there on an empty stomach so I was expecting to get my money’s worth in terms of the food portions. I also ordered a starter (and so did some of the other ladies) but failed to take a photo, as I was extremely hungry and impatient. The drinks/ beverage menu was also very satisfying, with a selection of various non alcoholic/ alcoholic drinks. Getting to the end of the night, the venue became extremely busy. Suddenly, the staff began to move at a faster pace and the volume of the music was turned up to a dramatic (and slightly disturbing) level. I prefer a more peaceful and calming dinner setting however, the birthday Queen enjoyed her night and it was filled with fun, love, laughter, a delicious cuisine of food and the yummiest birthday cake! I would highly recommend this restaurant and would give it a solid rating of 9 out of 10. P.S- did I forget to mention that they have the bombest bathrooms with black and gold tiling?? Yep, public bathrooms are just as important as cleanliness is everything and a stylish decor sure does contribute towards a pretty selfie! (9/9/2017). 

Birthday treat at Yum Yum

FullSizeRender (17).jpg   One thing I love to do it eat! I’m not the biggest fan of eating out, but I sure do love to eat! I feel like birthdays and Christmas is the best time of the year to stuff your face in with all your favourites. And since it was my birthday, my loved ones treated me to lovely evenings at the yummiest restaurants. My bestie Chinelo and I dined at Yum Yum’s thai restaurant. We attended the retaurant on a Friday evening (so you can imagine how busy they were). We were seated by a lovely waitress who later on, took our order for food and drinks. As this was my first time dining at this retaurant, I decided to order what Chinelo had recommended which was the….I can’t remember what we ordered, but it was delicious and filling. I think I’ve mentioned previously, that I’m very one way when it comes to Thai food. I like to stick to what I’m familiar with but this time round, it was nice opting for something different. We had a lovely evening, the food was great, the service was great…the restaurant was a little noisy, but overall it was a good dining experience (we went to the branch in Stoke Newington, London). (14/11/2016)

Brunch at Miracles

FullSizeRender (13)

On Fathers Day my family and I decided to have brunch at Miracles, after church. Last year, for my 26th birthday, my boyfriend took me to this cafe for breakfast. The food is divine. I love how flavourful their pancakes are. On this day, I ordered the cheese omelette with American style pancakes. My meal also came with curly fries (which I was unaware of). For the first time in a long time, I couldn’t finish my food. I underestimated the size of the omelette and didn’t realise how filling it’ll be. The service was okay. My only complaint is, we ordered drinks at first, assuming it’ll arrive before the food. The drinks ended up coming a few minutes before we left and that was because my boyfriend decided to ask a number of waiters. Other than that, we had a nice time and will be returning. (5/7/16)

Interview With AskLDN

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I’m so excited to share my interview with you guys! A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the founder of a new and amazing brand, AskLDN. They wanted to cover a few questions with me, based on my fashion blog and all the work around it. I really enjoyed doing this interview! It was fun, it was easy and it was something I was eager to do; as I’ve always wanted to share my story with the world!! The full interview can be accessed on their website at Before reading the interview, I’d recommend checking out their website and some of the great content they share. You can also follow AskLDN on social media. Happy reading! x (21/06/16)

Instagram- @askldn

Twitter- @askLDN

(direct link to interview)

Thai Thai East (Old Street)


I stuck to my word when I said I’ll be consistent with my posts! 🙂

A few weeks ago, my partner and I dined at Thai Thai East on Old Street. I’ve attended this restaurant so many times, that I’ve honestly lost count. They serve one of the best Thai cuisines in London (in my opinion). The service is usually 5* however on this occasion, I wasn’t very impressed. As usual, the food was great, but the waiters seemed so distracted and in a rush. When we first arrived at the restaurant, our online booking wasn’t registered on the system. As a result of that, we had to wait roughly 10-15 minutes to be seated. We ordered our food immediately after being seated and the food was brought to us in good timing. I ordered a takeaway dish just before we left…from here, was when it all went wrong. The takeaway took AGES to arrive and when it finally did, it was dumped at the reception table without any notification. We asked several waiters why the food was taking so long and none of them were attentive towards the matter. Due to my partner being watchful he noticed the bag on the table and asked the floor manager if that was our takeaway. When I arrived home and opened the container, I noticed they had given me the wrong order. I was disappointed with the service on that evening. Maybe next time, I’ll place an order for home delivery. (17/06/2016)

SUDA Thai Cafe Restaurant


My ‘flat lay’ game wasn’t the best on this evening!…maybe its because I was extremely hungry and couldn’t wait to dig into this plate of deliciousness! 2 months ago, I attended SUDA Thai for my friends surprise birthday dinner. The evening was filled with laughter, interesting conversations amongst great company and plenty of fruitful (alcohol free (for me)) cocktails! The dish pictured above is the Pad Thai, with giant king prawns. This seems to be the only dish I opt for, when dining at a Thai restaurant. Maybe its because I like to stick to what I’m familiar with or maybe I was a little impatient that evening, due to the non stop growling of my stomach. Either way, the meal was extremely pleasant to the taste. I’m highly judgmental when it comes to prawn dishes. The prawns have to be cooked and prepared to perfection! I always carry a mental checklist of how my prawns need to taste and if it isn’t up to scratch, then its a bye-bye and a no-no from me! Thankfully, the prawns completed this dish. It was highly flavourful and overall very filling. In all, it was a great evening and most importantly, the celebrant had a lovely time. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves great Thai food! (04/06/16)

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