Summer Salads

I know I know…today is pancake day so technically, this post should be about pancakes right? But rather than sharing different pancake toppings with you guys and writing about the benefits of lemon juice drizzled over a thin flat cake of batter, I’d rather stay one step ahead and share my favourite summer salads with you instead. Summer is around the corner (keep that thought in your head to get you through the strong winds and depressing rain whilst we storm through the last month of Winter in the UK) and nothing beats a bright and vibrant dish. Whether its an assortment of tropical fruits or a flavourful salad, Ive made it my aim to stay healthy throughout this season. It’s so easy to drift away from healthy eating during the warmer days. With the temptations of a dollop of ice cream on top of a strawberry tart, to cool you down on a hot day, I’ve composed a meal plan to keep me fit, focused and on track during Summer.

As you all know by now, a salmon salad is one of my favourite dishes. I’ve expressed this in various ways (previous posts below) however, one thing I’ve noticed is that my fish is rarely cooked. I usually opt for a smoked salmon but on this occasion, I decided to blend hot ingredients with cold ones. After baking the salmon, you can always add it to the salad as opposed to cooling it down. I also added hot baby potatoes smothered in a balsamic sauce to add more flavour and a bit of carbs too. The rest of the dish is completed with a boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, beans and lettuce.

Why not give it a try! As I say with all my meals (because if its not then I will not be satisfied), this dish is extremely filling too. (13/02/2018).


Shrimp & Bean Pasta

The lost food files! Here’s a dish I cooked a while back. Pasta isn’t one of the healthiest options but I absolutely love it. I cook it from time to time and I love having it with steamed veg or prawns. The beans mixed with the shrimp gave it the right level of balance in flavour. I used linguine and cooked it in boiling water for a few minutes. (14/11/2017).

Chicken & Avocado Salad


I wasn’t sure whether I should upload this post on the health and fitness page or just as a blog post on its own, but since it’s more about my delicious plate of salad more than anything else; it only makes sense that I slot it in with the other posts on this food page. A plate or bowl of salad, is one of the most easiest dishes to cook up. It doesn’t even require that much cooking (depending on what ingredients you like to use in a salad). Today, after an eventful morning at church and then the gym, I decided to relax with a plate of chicken and avocado salad; whilst I draft up my outfit and beauty posts for the coming weeks ahead. It was such a simple and easy dish to create. It includes baby leaf salad, tomatoes, avocado, baked chicken (diced) and topped with some black pepper for some additional flavour. If you guys have any other suggestions for a delicious and filling salad, then please leave a comment below. Have a great week! (8/2/2017).

Cultural Dishes!

I think this is the second or third time I’m blogging about this meal. Maybe it’s because it is one of my favourites and it’s nice to eat it every now and then. My mom always used to say to me “if you lived in Ghana, you would probably have this for breakfast!” I mean if that isn’t food goals, then I don’t know what is!!! This meal consists of boiled ham, a (very) spicy spinach stew, boiled egg, red oil and some sardines. Minus the red oil, this meal is actually quite healthy as most of the ingredients are boiled and contains a high level of protein and fiber. (16/03/2017).

Green Tea In A Smoothie!


As you guys already know, I absolutely love a cup of brewing hot green tea every now and then. In previous food posts (see below), I’ve briefly discussed the health benefits of green tea as well as my favourite brands. Last week, as I scrolled through Instagram, I stumbled accross a short clip (posted by @drinkteag) suggesting a cup of cold tea with your smoothie instead of fruit juice or water.


I decided to try it! The method is simple and extremely quick! All you need to do is make a cup of tea and leave it to cool down. Once its cooled down to your preference, add it to your smoothie mixture….AND BLEND!


The beverage was absolutely delicious! It provided me with the nutrients I get from a fruit smoothie as well as a cup of green tea!

You can shop this tea by clicking on this link >> Drink TG (5/6/17)

Sea Bream with Gluten Free Brown Rice & Veg!


Excited to bring you guys a new food post! This week, I thought I’d weigh my options (as I have many) with seafood and try a different type of fish…sea bream! I’m always chewing tilapia, prawns, sardines or salmon with my meals and to be honest, it’s becoming slightly boring! I added some seasoned bell peppers, onions and boiled broccoli with gluten free brown rice (which although its the best option, it tastes so bland) to the fish; to create a balanced healthy meal. The seam bream contains omega-3 and helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. When cooked “the healthy way” (I baked mine), it is a option for those who want to eat healthy. (11/04/2017)

Spring Smoked Salmon Salad!


The power of a simple salmon salad! For the past few days, I’ve been enjoying preparing simple salads as well as experimenting with various healthy ingredients, to make new dishes. A salmon salad is so easy to prepare and its also a favourite amongst many different people. The omega-3 in the salmon provides a good balance of fatty acids as well as the protein in the hard boiled egg. I also added garlic (baked) croutons for extra flavour. The rest of the salad included baby spinach leaves, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and a slice of lemon for dressing. (12/03/2017)

TG Tea!


Green tea certainly comes with its health benefits! I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how this beverage helps with weight loss and how it can be used for other medicinal purposes. During my last weight loss journey, I was hooked on Twinings Pure Green Tea. Although I believe the physical workout mainly contributed towards my weight loss, the tea surely played a significant part in it too. This time round, I thought I’d try another brand. TG is a food/ beverage brand that specialise in hot tasty organic brews. For the past two weeks, I’ve been a mug of this tea, every other day and so far its going really well!! It took me a while to warm up to the taste of green tea again however, this one is infused with ginger and lemon zest; which also helps wth the muscle pains and soreness, after an intense gym workout. One packaged product contains 15 pyramid bags. You can purchase TG from various supermarkets, such as Tesco or online at If you decided to try out this tea, please leave any comments below on what you thuoght of it. (28/02/2017). #DrinkTG #Ad

Simple Stir Fry!



Hey guys! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I’m back with another delicious food post and this time, I’m going to share this simple recipe with you all. Yesterday, I decided to cook up a quick stir-fry, as I had guests coming round, but not enough time to prepare a meal. I used fresh meat and bell peppers, to create a tasty chicken stir fry stew, served with white rice.

Ingredients: 3 fresh chicken fillets, 2 whole bell peppers, string beans, white rice, coriander leaf, mushrooms, 1/4 onion and 2 garlic cloves.

Method: 1. Dice the chicken fillets to your desired size and season in a bowl (I used ‘Dunns River’ chicken seasoning, salt, black pepper, 1 maggi cube and pasrley). 2. Slice the bell peppers to your desired shape/size, along with the mushrooms, onions and garlic. 3. Wash your rice and cook on a low to meduim heat (alternatively, you can use a rice cooker, which does the job from start to finish). 4. Add 1 1/2 tablespoons of olive oil in a pan (preferably a wok pan). Once the oil becomes hot add the onions and garlic; and allow it to cook for roughly 3 to 5 minutes, occasionally stirring. 5. Add the remaining mixture of peppers to the wok pan and fry for roughly 3 to 5 minutes. 6. Boil the string beans on a high heat for roughly 5 minutes (if it is left to boil for longer, it’ll eventually become soggy so make sure you keep an eye on the time). 7. Drain the water from the beans and add it to the mixture in the pan. Allow it to cook for roughly 5 to 7 minutes on a low heat. 8. Add some oil to a separate pan . Once the oil is heated, add the diced chicken and allow it to cook until golden brown (keep stirring). 9. Once the chicken is well cooked, add it to the sauce/wok pan with veg (you can add sweet & sour sauce or soy sauce for additional flavour). 10. Serve this with your rice, garnished in fresh coriander leaf.

And thats the simple 10 step guide to this delicious meal guys! If you decide to try out this recipe, please let me know how it turns out. You can also add prawns or beef instead of chicken! (28/12/2016).

Home-made Chicken Teriyaki 


Hey guys! Over the weekend, I tried this teriyaki dish at home and it was absolutely delicious. The recipe can be found here on BBC Food. I added some fried bell peppers and mushrooms to the dish. It was nice to try out a recipe from another culture. (12/12/2016).

Simple Meals!

IMG_6970.JPG  Hey guys! I’m back with another food post!! In the past, Ive expressed my love for fish on several occasions. Poultry is can be enjoyed in so many ways and overtime, I’ve carried out a lot of research and experimented with fish in many different ways. On this occasion, I opted for a light meal, after great workout. Two slices of wholemeal brown bread, layered with oven baked eggs, baby spinach and slices of salmon. The salmon certrainly added a great amount of flavour to the meal. Combined with the other ingredients, this meal provided me with protein, iron, various vitamins and omega-3. (30/11/2016).

Cous Cous! The Healthier Option


I feel so bad for abandoning this page but I’m back with a ton of food related posts to share with you guys! A while back, I cooked up this cous cous dish and added some fresh veg, sweet peppers and seasoned prawns to it. Cous cous is a healthier option for those who love rice/ pasta but seem to have a hard time cutting it out of their diet. It is a good source of protein and also very rich in fibre. (14/11/2016).

Perfect Portions!


This post should probably be on my fitness page, since its all about weighing the right amount of portions for a meal. I think I’ve blogged about jollof rice enough times. So many recipe’s can be found online or on YouTube (Ghanaian recipe is the best lol). Being born and raised in a Ghanaian household makes it extremely difficult to say no to rice. Literally everyday, there is some time of rice freshly prepared for your consumption. Ranging from jollof, white rice and stew to waakye (rice and beans) we consume a great amount of carbohydrates daily. Selecting the right amount of portions and balancing it out with proteins such as chicken and fresh veg makes it that much eaiser when trying to eat healthy. Pictured above is a meal I prepared a few weeks ago. Judging by the angle the picture was taken in, you would assume there is more rice on the plate. However, I kept the carbs minimal and made sure there was enough baby spinach and tomatoes to make the overall meal filling. (29/07/2016).

Sweet Potato


The ever popular salmon and sweet potato dinner! I’m no health expert, but this meal is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys tasty yet filling meals. I’ve had so many people advise me to eat sweet potato regularly, whilst trying to loose weight. Sweet potatoes contain a great amount of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, B2 and B6! Now that alone, should have you stocking up on sweet potatoes! As I no longer consume red meat, chicken or duck, fish has become my main source for protein, If you haven’t done so already, try this tasty dish with any side you fancy! I opted for broccoli, as greens are very important when trying to eat healthy. This dish is also very simple and straightforward to prepare. (27/06/16)

Salmon Breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the truth is, although most of us are aware of this fact; we sometimes fail to take it seriously. With that being said, your first (morning) meal of the day doesn’t have to a bowl of cereal or toast, accompanied by a cup of tea/ coffee. Since I’ve changed my diet, I’ve decided to make my meal plans as interesting and as tasty as possible. I’m a huge lover of fish so I’ve decided to consume it with slices of wholemeal brown toast, baby spinach and scrambled egg. My meal was full of flavour and as a result of that, it’s something that I eat on a regular basis. It also contains a number of nutrients that are good for the body. (17/06/2016)

Quick and easy dishes


Here’s a quick and easy recipe I thought I’d share with you guys. My weight loss journey this time round has certainly been different from the last time. With such a busy schedule and looking after a very young child has made it slightly more challenging. Maintaining a healthy and full diet is very essential and plays a significant role in my weight loss journey. Based on my personal experience, working out is extremely effective however, it is of no use if your eating habits are poor. With that being said, its so much more easier to grab a bite to eat when you’re on the go. Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t know what goes into the food you’re consuming so the best thing to do, is to prepare easy quick dishes of your own. That way, you know how your food is being processed and what ingredients are being used. The chicken pictured in the image above, ws cleaned and seasoned the night before. I removed the skin off, as it contains a great amount of fat. The day after, it was baked in the oven as opposed to being fried. I garnished it with fresh home made red pepper, which is a very popular Ghanaian sauce. The salad contains fresh baby spinach, tomatoes, spring onions and slices of cucumber.  I also added garlic pitta bread, just to add more flavour to the dish. (05/04/2016)

Jerk Chicken With Rice And Peas


Hey guys! Here is a quick post on my latest dish, cooked in the kitchen. Carribean food is an absolute favourite of mine and I’m excited to learn how to cook various dishes from the Island. This was my first attempt at making rice and peas (Carribean style), so please excuse the minor errors (such as the colour of the rice). The jerk chicken on the other hand, came out PERFECT and tasted better than how it looks too! The recipie was given to me by a lovely colleague of mine. I also browsed through YouTube, just to get a brief insight on the method. With more time and practice, I hope to master this meal, along with other Carribean dishes! (30/09/2015)

Sweet Chilli Chicken 


Hey guys and girls! Here is a quick meal I put together yesterday for myself and the Mr. I’m not sure if you guys will remember, but roughly sometime this year I mentioned that I no longer consume meat just for dietary purposes. Due to change in circumstances all that has changed and I’m back to consuming white and some red meats. I was in the mood for chicken yesterday so I opted for a flavourful recipie with some traditional jollof as a side dish.


The procedure was pretty simple. I just spiced up the chicken with flavours I was in the mood for, such as chilli and parsley, cooked it at a high heat of 200 in the oven and served it with steamed veg and rice. (14/06/15).

Boiled Yam with Spinach Pepper Stew

yam and spinach


Well hello there Simple yet Stylish readers!
I apologise for the sudden disappearance but I’m back now with plenty of posts to share with you all. I’ve been working on a number of projects for my brand and I cannot wait to share them with you all in the near future!
A few days ago, I cooked up a delicious traditional meal. Boiled yam with spinach & pepper. I added boiled egg and sliced avocado to the stew to give extra flavour.
This is a traditional Ghanaian dish and a very popular one! Within my household, we do not consume this meal on a regular basis, however when it is prepared, everyone enjoys it!!!!
Yam is a staple vegetable, particularly within West Africa. It is rich in carbohydrates and contains vitamin C, pyridoxine (vitamin B6), riboflavin, folic acid and thiamin (vitamin B1).
Some choose to fry their yam in hot oil which is usually served with red and black pepper, fish or turkey tail however, it is best to boil it when consuming it with spinach.
The spinach was also boiled and the stew was prepared from scratch, using fresh tomatoes, scotch bonnet, maggi cubes (to add flavour), and onion.
Red oil was added to the stew (this is optional however it does add that extra flavour) along with kobi ( salted tilapia).
hope you guys enjoyed this post! As I mentioned earlier, I will be sharing a lot more in the near future so stay tuned. (29/04/15) x


   Mother’s Day Meal                                 

It’s been a while since I uploaded anything on my health page. On Mothers Day, I cooked a delicious meal for my whole family! Macaroni cheese, salad, spicy rice and curry chicken! Since the meal was so filling, I decided to feed them fresh fruits for dessert lol! It took some time to cook; as I had to feed a large family, however we all enjoyed it!


Oven Baked Goodness!

 photo 1

It’s been a while since I posted anything on my health page. The truth is, I have been extremely busy with work and other responsibilities, that I haven’t had much time to cook any new meals which I haven’t posted already. Once my work load reduces, I promise to get back into the kitchen, cook new healthy delicious meals and share it with you guys. As I have mentioned earlier, eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle Is extremely time consuming, however it is an essential. Last night, on my way home from work, I was so tempted to stop at the local fish and chip shop. As I approached my front door, I remembered that I have a heap of bags of frozen chips sitting in the freezer. So whilst I took a shower and organised my things, I quickly threw this meal in the oven.

There are various health benefits to oven cooked food such as fish and chips:

1. It contains less oil…less oil means less fat

2.Deep fried chips contain a large amount of saturated fats, which can increase the risk of heart disease.

3.  Oven baked (when cooked from scratch) contain a good source of vitamin C. This nourishes the immune system and provides growth of white blood cells.

Consuming oven baked foods (occasionally) does come with its benefits. (11/02/15)

Baked Salmon

photo 2 (27)

I LOVE SALMON! Today, I opted for a flavour full meal containing plenty of protein! As I have mentioned earlier, salmon is a nutritional marvel. It contains a high level of vitamins and minerals such as potassium and selenium. Served with boiled potatoes (garnished with fresh parsley) and a low fat sweet and sour sauce (will upload a recipe on how I made the sauce), this dish is ideal for those who enjoy healthy eating! (26/01/15)

Detox Water

photo 1 (25)

It’s hard to believe that once upon a time, I use to hate drinking water. Despite knowing the health benefits of consuming water, I did everything I could to stay away from it. Working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, doesn’t mean to say you can’t enjoy tasty food and drinks. Today, I decided to add selected fruits to my mineral water. Detox water helps to cleanse the toxins in your body. It also helps get rid of the fat on your body. Everyday, I consume roughly 6 to 8 glasses of water. This week, I made 7 jugs of detox water (only 3 pictured), aiming to consume one day, in addition to plain water.

You can always add different types of fruit or vegetables to your water such as lime, cucumber or watermelon. I’m addicted to sweet things so I added strawberries (although they are slightly tangy), lemon and delicious mango chunks. (25/01/15).

Plantain & Beans- Traditional Dish

photo 2 (26)

After the light and fun filled workout I had at the gym today, I decided to cook a traditional Ghanaian dish, with a stylish yet tasty twist to it. Fried plantain, served with beans stew and here’s the twist…avocado. This dish is usually served with gari (cassava roots), which is just as delicious, however I wasn’t in the mood for that hence why I consumed it with avocado. Now I know frying the plantain wasn’t the best option considering I’m trying to eat healthy; however I made sure that my portion was smaller than usual. Plantain, contains a high level of vitamin A and provides adequate levels of minerals, such as phosphorous, iron and magnesium. Avocado is a ‘fatty’ food product, however it comes with it’s health benefits such as protein, low sugar level (compared to other fruits) and vitamins (K, B9 and B). This meal was delicious and filling. In future I may try it with other fruits/ vegetables. (21/01/15).

Late Night Cravings…

photo 1 (24)

One of the many reasons why I was overweight in the past, was due to my poor eating habits. I ALWAYS avoided breakfast, snacked on bad sweet and fatty products throughout the day and consumed large meals late at night.
After my workout today, I was extremely hungry. You know when sometimes your mind tells you your hungry but your stomach knows your full?…no it wasn’t that. I was actually starving. Rather than driving down to my local Tesco or purchasing a ‘light’ snack at the corner shop, I decided to consume a few pieces of fruit and finish it off with some herbal tea. Fruits are best things to snack on. Whether its late at night or during the day, it is better to go for this option than anything else. (20/01/15).

Balance Life Brunch

photo (14)

Have you guys been reading my fitness page? Lately, I’ve been working out with Balance Life. I am yet to upload video’s of our workout circuits, however I must say his workouts are extremely effective and not to mention exciting too. Today, I decided to work out on my own. After 30 minutes of intense cardio, I burned 300 calories and did a light abdominal workout. I cooked up a light brunch recommended by my personal trainer. A salmon and egg bloomer with pancakes, homemade syrup and fresh cranberries. What a delicious post workout meal. It was extremely filling. I was advised by Balance Life, to ensure my breakfast meals are the most filling meals I consume a day. Pancakes (cooked at home) provide a good source of vitamins and minerals; alongside salmon and eggs which contain protein.

For more information on healthy eating and workouts, contact Balance Life at:


Egg Fried Rice


Good evening guys! Hope you’ve all had a positive start to the new year. 4 days into it, and I’m feeling refreshed  and more than ready to bring you guys better updates on the dishes I enjoy cooking! This afternoon, I fried a egg with rice and soy sauce. Now I know what your thinking..’egg FRIED rice…how on earth is that healthy?’ Well…for starters, it contains no meat, which makes it suitable for all, including vegetarians. This dish contains no salt (i intentionally left this ingredient out) and no sugar. Rather than using long grain, I opted for Basmati rice, as it contains a lower GI count compared to other white rice (brown rice is the healthiest option). To complete it, I stirred the rice and fried egg in a wok pan (not pictured) using very little oil. I topped it up with soy sauce to add flavour and cooked at a moderate heat. The food we consume outside such as Chinese can easily be prepared at home. It is nice to dine out every now and then, paying someone to cook for you, but how many of us actually know what’s going in our food? The best method, is to learn to prepare your favourite dishes yourself. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy all the meals you love, in the comfort of your own home, at a low price and in a healthier way. (4/1/2015)

Traditional Dish- Banku

photo (12)

Traditional meals from my motherland (Ghana) has to be my favorite. To end 2014, I cooked banku with tilapia and red pepper for my family. To no surprise, we all enjoyed it very much! Growing up as I child I had to stay in the kitchen and assist my mum as much as I could. Chopping onions, okra, and learning to prepare traditional dishes on a Saturday afternoon was the norm in my household; as opposed to a girls day out with my friends. To no surprise, this became a hobby and a powerful skill; as I have mastered various dishes over time. I’m sure I speak for all Ghanaian’s when I say our dishes are very filling. One portion is almost equivalent to breakfast, lunch and dinner…possibly even a little dessert lol!

Not only is banku tasty, but it is very healthy too. Banku is a combination of fermented corn and cassava dough. It is high in carbohydrates and contains protein’s and minerals. When preparing banku, the corn, cassava dough and water must be mixed to form a smooth paste, then cooked on the stove at a low heat, occasionally adding water. The paste must be stirred constantly to avoid lumps and roughly takes 30 minutes to prepare. Once the banku is stiff, it is then rolled into balls and is usually served with okra stew (most popular) or various meat stews/ soups. (31/12/2014)

Post Workout Meal

photo 1 (9)

photo 2 (9)

After an intense gym session this morning I decided to make use of the remaining berries I had left over from the other day. Fruit and veg are extremely versatile and can be used to create unique, tasty and healthy dishes. I am not one to indulge in a heavy meal prior to carrying out exercise, so before gym I had a banana and an apple. This was my meal (breakfast) after gym. A delicious assortment of berries, blended into a fresh smoothie with homemade pancakes topped with squeezed lemon and fresh berries. This meal boosted my energy, prevented me from snacking and once again, I was able to consume 4 of my 5 a day. (23/12/2014)

Ganola & Berry Breakfast Sundae


Finding time to cook/ prepare healthy meals is time consuming, however it is an essential for one that aims to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I am very direct with my meals. I am also one to go for food that I am familiar with. Today, after an early morning workout, I wanted to enjoy a healthy breakfast which wouldn’t take up much of time in terms of preparing it and eating it.

I had low fat yoghurt mixed with fresh berries, cranberries, grapes, strawberries and granola. It was very quick and easy to prepare, required no cooking and I was able to have 4 of my 5 a day in one. This can also be consumed as a snack. (21/12/2014)

Macaroni Cheese & Jollof Rice 


Happy Sunday guys! This afternoon, I decided to cook jollof rice with macaroni cheese. Since it’s Christmas next week, I thought I’d cook something simple; as my kitchen will be full of traditional roast, loads of drinks and all the snacks you can possibly think of. Jollof rice, is an all time favorite amongst  Africans. It is said, that this dish is originated from Gambia, however it has become extremely popular in West Africa. Jollof rice is cooked with tomatoes, rice, tomato paste, onion, garlic, salt and a variation of spices and meat. I opted for macaroni cheese, as I no longer consume meat (except fish) and the meal tasted just as good. (16/12/2014).

Homemade Cheesy Spaghetti


Happy Sunday to you all!! Hope you all had a peaceful yet productive week. Today I was in the mood for spaghetti. Those who know me know how much I love pasta, particularly with cheese. However, since I began working out, I’ve reduced the amount I consume. This dish, is a family favourite.It’s a mixture of three different cheeses (mozarella, mature cheddar and red leicester) with scrambled egg and chopped parsley. My Aunt in France introduced this dish to the family. Whenever we used to visit, my siblings and I always made a request for this dish. The last time I went to France, I was adamant in learning how to prepare it myself. Initially, it is cooked with linguine pasta however you can add or change the pasta to your desired choice…just ensure to add the cheese and scramble eggs! (9/12/2014)

 Brown Pasta



Today, I cooked up a sweet dish for dinner.

Usually when preparing this dish, I use white spaghetti and always add a hint of cheese.

This time, I opted for wholemeal spaghetti as it’s much healthier and contains fiber and complex carbohydrates. Topped with tomato sauce and garnished with flat leaf parsley; this dish is perfect for a light yet filling evening meal. (3/12/2014)


IMG_4691 Good evening all, All day long, I dreamed of sushi! I remember being extremely terrified trying it for the first time. I aim to eat a minimal amount of sushi as most of the ingredients are raw, however its been said that sushi contains only 30% fat, reduces the rate of heart disease and even lung cancer for those who smoke. Sushi can also be used as a garnish for other tasty dishes. For more info on why sushi is healthy, click on the link below Mail Online- Why is sushi good for you… (28/11/2014) photo 1 (1)photo 2 (1) Welcome to the health and fitness page brought to you by Simple Yet Stylish. This is where I will upload information on health and fitness; providing you with useful tips on how to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle through prep meals and fitness workouts!