Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

Gloss Bomb!….when the name fits the product perfectly!!! This lip gloss is indeed the bomb so thank you RiRi for creating such an amazing lip gloss. One of my lovely birthday presents from my bestie and I literally can’t get enough of it. I used it throughout my stay in Greece and it’s now my go-to lip gloss. It looks great with a full beat or a natural makeup free face and it smells heavenly too. You can purchase this lip gloss online at Fenty Beauty , Harvey Nichols and Sephora. (13/11/2017).

New Beauty Finds

To my surprise, I’ve become slightly obsessed with makeup lately. I’m the girl that usually loves purchasing cheap and cheerful lip glosses or matte lipsticks but for a while, I was on the hunt for a new liquid foundation. I searched far and near on YouTube, clicking in and out tutorials and reviews on the best foundation for women of colour, but I was still unsure on where to begin. One hot summers day, I decided to pop by Selfridges beauty department and pick up up a few samples. I stopped off at NYX cosmetics counter, with the intentions of buying a matte foundation. I was advised by a member of the sales team (who also tested a product on my face), to purchase another type of foundation. After taking his advice, I skipped back to work only to be advised by one of my lovely colleagues, that the foundation I had purchased wasn’t suitable for oily skin at all and did not provide the matte finish I was looking for. I wasted no time at all…after work, I returned the foundation and crossed over to Estee Lauder where I picked up a sample of their double wear foundation. I also decided to try out the Dior foundation (recommended by my colleague who advised me to return the NYX foundation). I had my makeup done by a lovely member of the sales team and results blew me away. “No need to sample it!…” I said to myself and purchased it right away. So far so good. I have nothing negative to say about this foundation. It smells fantastic and provides the matte finish I was yearning for. You can shop this product by clicking on this link >> Diorskin Forever Foundation. (8/11/2017).

Masque Bar UK Facials 


Sometimes, life can get so hectic….so hectic that you begin to let yourself go. Taking care of your health is key to a happy lifestyle. I’m not one to use a huge number of different skincare products. I’m very plain and straightforward. I usually use Superdrug facial scrub and wash to clean my face twice a day; followed by Vaseline on my lips and cocoa butter to moisturise my face. I received these sheet masks by Masque Bar  and thought I’d try them out. After a long day at work, I snuggled up on the sofa after a nice hot bath; with this cooling sheet on my face, whilst enjoying a lovely cup of hot tea. I kept the mask on for approximately 30 minutes. There was a cooling/ tingling feeling but my face felt so smooth, fresh and my skin felt restored. You can purchase a variety of Masque Bar products from Boots, Masque-Bar UK and Asos. (16/10/2017).

Building your makeup collection 

Over the past 3/4 years, I’ve managed to build a decent collection of makeup. As a woman who doesn’t wear makeup that often, it was very important to me that my collection would only include products that I loved. Here are a few tips on how to build your makeup collection:

1. Find products that work for you. This is extremely important! There’s no point in wasting money on items that you know you cannot use based on various reasons.

2. Declutter- if you already have piles and heaps of lip products/ foundations/ primers that you no longer use, then by all means get rid of them. They take up a huge amount of space and will probably be more useful in a family member or friends makeup box instead.

3. Organise- keep your brushes separate from everything else. It helps if you have a container (doesn’t have to be a fancy one) to put your brushes in. Your foundation/s should be kept in a separate draw or section as well as your lip products, base products and skincare products too. This also makes it much easier for you when reaching for a product/s.

4. Expiration- believe it or not but I never knew makeup had an expiration date until 2011! Prior to this, I used to stack up on various types of mascara and I would often use more than one on a frequent basis. I never understood why my mascaras would dry out within a couple of months until I was informed by a MAC sales advisor during my trip to the U.S, that makeup has an expiration date. This falls back to my first point about smart purchases.

5. Samples- if you’re interested in purchasing makeup products from a new brand then by all means try and test it out in store and if they offer samples, pick up one, take it home and use it for a sufficient amount of time. This gives you a clearer decision as to whether or not the product is worth your money.

Those are my 5 top tips for building a collection of beauty products. If you guys have any other useful suggestions, then please drop a comment below. (5/10/2017).

NYX Matte Lip Cream Review



I’m not really sure why it has taken me almost (if not, then over) a year to update a post on this page. Over the past few months, I’ve been loving a lot of new beauty products, ranging from lip products to cleansing/ facial products. I’ll be sure to share my review on all of them! My last post (see below) was based on lip swatches/ my favourite combo’s. I’m still loving the NYX matte lip creams. They’re easy to apply, extremely affordable and has a long lasting wear. I’ve noticed that some of them take slightly longer to dry than the others. For example, I recently purchased another bottle of Abu Dhabi and Monte Carlo from Selfridges. I purchased Monte Carlo because I wanted to try a subtle shade of red which provided a matte finish. I’ve always talked about how amazing Ruby Woo by Mac is, but lately I haven’t been having the best experience with it. It’s extremely matte and tends to leave a not so pleasant look when worn for too long. It tends to looked cracked after a number of hours and its not easy to reapply without having to wipe it all off and start again. The NYX Monte Carlo takes a little longer to dry however, it feels great on my lips and it looks equally as good whether its worn for short or long periods of time. (21/07/2017).

Favourite Lip Combo’s (NYX matte lip cream) 

FullSizeRender (10)

I did say that my next beauty post will be a review on L.A Girl’s pro concealer and colour corrector and Sacha Buttercup powder however, I feel like I haven’t used the products enough and therefore will postpone that review for another time. I’ve always been one way with my makeup as I know what suits me and what I feel confident with however, after watching several makeup tutorials on YouTube, I thought I’d try various colours, from NYX’s matte lip cream . I absolutely love the matte lipsticks! I thought Mac matte lipsticks were the bomb until I stumbled across  NYX!….and they’re extremely affordable too!!! I also the love the creamy texture and the pleasent scent. After 2 minutes of applying the product you can barely feel anything on your lips. It dries up very quickly and doesn’t leave cracks and and dry lines.

FullSizeRender (11)

1. Mac Ruby Woo 2.Mac Velvettease lip pencil 3. NYX San Paulo 4. NYX Tokyo

5. NYX Abu Dhabi

Beauty Buys!

FullSizeRender (6)

Hey guys! I thought I’d share a quick post on my latest beauty product purchases. I’m no expert when it comes to makeup however, I am keen on learning the art and how to master the perfection of a “beat” face. The Sacha buttercup powder was recommended by a friend of mine. For a long time a majority of people have been talking about the Ben Nye powder and how good it is. Although I have never used it myself, I’ve seen how effective the product is, when applied properly. At the same time, I’m not too keen on the dramatic highlight it leaves under the eye area and down the bridge of the nose. I’m assuming some people choose to “cake” it on to achieve that look…its a bit too much for me. I’m also aware that the Ben Nye powder comes in different shades for different skin complextions however, the Sacha buttercup is one shade which is suitable for all skin complexions. I am yet to use the product and will update you all on how it will/ will not work for me. The same applies to the L.A girl pro concealer. I thought I’d add another concealer to my collection. So far, I am very much pleased with the YSL and MAC ones I have however, I wanted to try a more affordable one. This product is very popular amongst makeup artists and seems to work well for everyone I know who uses it. I also added the orange colour corrector to my recent purchases as I have certain dark areas on my face. In the past, I’ve tried to cover up these areas with concealer, which never worked for me. As with the Sacha buttercup powder, I will update you guys on how well the concealers worked for me.Click on the links below to purchase these beauty products.

Sacha ButtercupLA Girl orange colour corrector, and LA Girl Pro concealer.

Facial Routine

photo 1 (10)photo 2 (10)

Hey guys! Just thought I’d share a quick post with you on my skincare routine.

In the past, I suffered from severe acne as a teenager. Most recommended products such as clearasil did not work for my skin. When I began wearing makeup, I became more conscious about my natural appearance and experiment other products on my face; which in the end, did not work either. It was a friend of mine who suggested I use tea tree products; as she suffered from the same condition. Since I’ve been using tea tree, I have seen slow but very effective results. My acne has cleared up and I rarely get pimples, due to the consistent use.

*Every morning, I wipe my face with fragrance free wipes (not pictured)

*After wiping my face, I use the cleanser and toner. Using the wipes alone isn’t enough. Its surprising how much dirt appears on the cotton wool after using the cleanser and toner.

 * During every bath, I use the tea tree facial wash at least twice. Most times I apply it on my face, whilst its dry and wash it off after 5 minutes. At the end of my bath, I use it again to rinse off any remaining bacteria.

Tea tree oil is very good for the skin. It contains natural properties which are effective for getting rid of bacteria. (31/12/2014)

Ruby Woo Update

photo (9)

Good evening all,

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. As promised, here is a brief update on my Ruby Woo lipstick, purchased from Mac. I am 100% certain that I got my money’s worth! This lipstick is absolutely amazing!!!! I can’t get enough of it…literally!

Leaving lip prints everywhere with your lipstick can be extremely annoying…especially on mugs, “bae’s” white shirt or your bff’s cheek. With Ruby Woo, you don’t have to worry about that or having to run to the ladies to touch up your lipstick every hour.

My favourite has to be the matte feel it has. The pop of red is such a vibrant yet classic shade, which makes it unique from other red lipsticks.

I highly recommend this product to anyone out there who is yet to try it or contemplating whether it is worth the purchase or not. (26/12/2014)


photo 1 (7)

Concealer has become one of my favourite makeup products. I am more comfortable with applying it now than I was before simply because I didn’t know how to use it. After watching various makeup artists on YouTube, demonstrate the application of concealers, I concluded to stick to what I know, which is the Mac studio finish concealer in NW45. I chose to go for a shade lighter than my natural tone but not too far off so it doesn’t look too obvious. I will be uploading an update next week on how this product works for me. (21/12/2014)

Mac Ruby Woo

photo 2 (7)photo 3 (3)

The ever popular Mac Ruby Woo has finally landed in my lipstick collection! For such a log time, I’ve been using Chanel Rouge Allure in no. 75. This lipstick has never failed me….but I must admit since its high fashion, it does require more spending. On the subject of high fashion…I am absolutely all for it although when it comes to beauty products I tend to purchase less expensive products, purely based on the fact that I’m not a frequent user of makeup. My Chanel lipstick is all dried up now and looks horrible when I apply it on my lips. Not only that, the lipstick was supposed to be used within an 18 month period. I chose to purchase Ruby Woo from Mac because I have read so many positive reviews on this product. Red is an all time favourite lip colour for me and practically the only one I use. I feel it is most suitable for my skin complexion and my lip shape. I will upload an update next week on how I applied this gorgeous colour. (21/12/2014)

Beauty Storage Set



A beauty storage case is an essential! I purchased mine from Muji concession department in Selfridges.

Prior to buying this convenient product, all my cosmetics were squashed up in a little beauty bag. As time progressed, my makeup products expanded.

The shelves are sold separate for those who own minimum amount of products, so whenever you feel like extending your storage, you can always purchase another shelf or two.

 Real Techniques Brushes


I am proud to introduce the new edition’s to my brush collection. For a few years now, I have been using basic blusher brushes from local cosmetic stores and to be honest, they have never failed me. However, after experiencing such flawless results with the ‘real techniques’ stippling brush and their miracle complexion sponge, I had no choice but to extend my brush set by purchasing more of their amazing products. I bought these from my local Superdrug store. Real Techniques cosmetic products can be purchased online (will attach direct link below) or in other pharmacy/ beauty stores such as Boots.

Real Techniques

Real Techniques at Boots

Real Techniques at Superdrug

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