Hi everyone,

My name is Barbara Adarkwa and I’m the content creator behind Simple Yet Stylish….welcome!!

I created this blog back in 2012 and over the past 8 years, I’ve seen it grow and evolve in many ways. The idea came to me, when my best friend suggested I look into fashion styling/ wardrobe consulting. This was because I was always the ‘go-to’ girl for the latest tips and advice on trends and how to create fashionable looks for special occasions. It took me a while to get round to the idea of possibly becoming a stylist, but when I finally decided to look into it, I didn’t know where to begin. The idea of creating a web blog, felt like the best place for me to start and as time went by, I realised how much I love sharing descriptive content with my readers. 3 months later, I gradually began to place myself on the fashion radar as a stylist, which enabled me to experience all the highs, the lows and pulling clothes! It was an enjoyable experience which moved at such a fast pace and through it all, I got the opportunity to make friends, work smart and meet some pretty amazing people too!!

Fast forward to the present, I’ve decided to focus on my blog a little more as I began to drift away from it whilst styling, working and finishing off my degree at university. My main passion lies in writing which means you’ll come across occasional posts that’ll feature awesome photography of a bomb outfit, followed by a long text talking about my relationships, self growth and some other non related fashion stuff. I’ve also started a little YouTube channel based on vlogs, hauls as well as an up and coming ‘SYS Style Series,’ which will cover facts and tips on how to build your ideal wardrobe. Through the world of blogging, I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities ranging from brand collaborations, interviews, projects and features on some of the best international blogs; such as FashionBomb Daily. I’m also excited to see what the future holds for me and the experience I’ll pick up and proudly place under my Hermes belt, as I embark on this journey.

As much as I live and breath fashion, my role as a mother, daughter, sister, aunty and friend; comes before anything. I pride myself on being a child of the Almighty Lord and constantly working on being a better version of me, through His Grace.

I hope you find interest in reading this blog and I’d love to see you guys back here for more fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts. To ensure you’re up to date on all things Simple Yet Stylish, simply subscribe to my newsletter, my YouTube channel and follow me on all my socials by hitting the icons below.

Thanks for stopping by X