Seasonal Transition

“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit and redesign yourself to the influences of each.”– Henry David Thoreau




From sun, sea, sand, straw hats and refreshing cocktails to chunky knits, thermals, central heating on blast and piping hot herbal teas. I hopped off a plane about a week ago from Mauritius and could suddenly feel the flu coming on. “Its all in your mind” my mum said to me, but the truth was, as I stood by baggage carousel, patiently waiting to collect my luggage, my left nostril was blocked, my head felt heavy and I suddenly had the shivers. If my surroundings wasn’t a reality check that my dreamy vacation was over, then this definitely was.


As the flu crept up on me, I began to mentally revise my seasonal transition from Summer to Autumn/Winter. At this point, I felt like England definitely skipped a season because the temperature outside, had Winter written all over it! My seasonal transitions always start late, as I am always away on a beautiful tropical island somewhere, during this time of the year. So whilst everyone is getting their Autumnal colours and trends in check around September, I am still shopping for last minute deals on bikini’s and pulling out all my maxi dresses, beach cover ups and sarongs to shove into a suitcase.


I stuck to my word and unpacked our suitcases as soon as we arrived home. I had the washing machine constantly spinning, the drying rack covered in freshly washed clothes and I cleaned all my makeup brushes. I haven’t yet put away all my holiday accessories, as my daughter seems to be having so much fun playing dress up in my oversize straw hats.


I have also had a clear out, of all the unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories around the house and as they await to be sold on eBay or donated to the local charity shop, I’ve created a little vision board of how I expect the place to look by the end of this month.


Below, is a little list of things I like to do during this time of the year, to get my house and wardrobe looking festive, Autumnal and cosy:




The most exciting area to begin with is my wardrobe, yet this is the most time consuming activity on my list as I’ve packed my clothes away in our storage areas and although it looks neat and in place, it is not the most practical if I aim to get things done quickly.


One day, I just decided to give myself a little boost and get things rolling. I managed to pull out all my faux fur coats and turtle necks. For me, that pretty much sums up my style for this season. It’s easy to style with a pair of jeans, smart trousers or thick leggings and I always have those garments in my draws where I can access them easily. I’ve also had a thorough browse online and I am absolutely loving what Topshop has to offer. 


Chunky knits and thermals are guaranteed to keep a girl warm, snuggly and stylish during those cold short days so my aim is to invest in as many styles, colours and patterns as possible. The great thing about investing in good pieces of knitwear is that you can always have it on repeat year after year.


I am also loving the different fabrics and textures I came across when I popped into one of Topshop stores in Central London. I love a turtle neck that is designed with so much versatility so that you can wear it as an undergarment or style it with dresses or tops with various neck cut designs.


My current favourite style of trend is pairing a thick chunky knit with a slip skirt or a pair of light washed denim jeans. I absolutely love the contrast between the two and I also love how the style of an oversize knit jumper drowns the silhouette of a slip skirt or dress. On this occasion, I tried to keep my look monotone, by pairing two colours that are slightly similar in shade with a pair of gold “barely there” sandals and my favourite bag from Louis Vuitton.








I also love shopping for food around this time of the year…actually I love shopping for food all year round but I feel like the cold winter days and nights are meant for snuggling up with a good read or your favourite tv series, accompanied by a delicious slice of cake and a piping hot cup of herbal tea or a glass of wine, to wash it down. The cold winter days always gives me more of an excuse to warm up my cakes (yes, I like to warm my cake in the microwave for approximately thirteen minutes and eat it up right away), eating warm freshly baked pies and sipping on fruit teas.


Having a clearcut of your cupboards, pantry shelves and fridge is a good way to revamp yourself for Autumn and Winter. I find that restocking on my favourite spices and flavours such as cinnamon, honey or tasty festive syrups gets me in motion for Christmas as well.


It’s all about staying warm and cosy so adding ice to my fruit drinks is no longer an option. However, I keep my tastebuds satisfied with flavourful hot drinks such as mulled wine or my favourite winter spice flavoured drink from Ribena. And in the mornings, I keep it clean with a brewing cup of water and a slice of lemon.


What are your favourite things you like to fill your cupboards with during this time of the year?









Now I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for different ways to make my house a home. I mean, its already ‘homely’ but I still view my house as blank canvas with so much opportunity to decorate and move things around. And one of the great things about Autumn/Winter, is the great style that comes along with it.


You don’t have to go out and spend thousands of pounds on redecorating, only to find your trend pieces gone out of style in the next four months but buying little things such as Autumnal flowers and plants to put around the house is certainly refreshing and adds a touch to your home. Spending too much money around this time of the year is something that is difficult to avoid as Christmas is around the corner. So you’ll either have a long list of presents to buy for your loved ones or a trip planned…or both!


Changing your candle scents from Summery fragrances to warm winter scents is also a great touch to add to your homely transition.


And then of course, there’s the little trinkets, accessories and ornaments that comes along with Christmas. You can find great deals in the Black Friday sales worldwide.




























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