Post Vacation Blues


Post vacation blues has already kicked in…and I haven’t even left the island yet. If you’re wondering where I am currently situated as I write up this post; I am relaxing on a warm sun bed, listening to the sound of the waves whilst sipping on a strong, cold pina colada….in Mauritius!

As the strong winds and never ending rain hits my hometown (England), planning a much needed vacation getaway around this time is compulsory. On top of that, it is my birthday month so I like to treat myself around this time every year.

I love exploring God’s green earth and learning new things each and every blessed day. Seeing how other people live on a normal day to day is pretty amazing and lets not forget embracing other cultures, foods, themes and building friendships.

The island of Mauritius is absolutely breathtaking. It is everything I expected it to be and more! The people on this island are so friendly and polite. They love socialising and building great conversation with tourists. The weather is fantastic literally all year round, the food is fresh and not to mention, extremely satisfying to one’s taste buds and there are endless activities to engage in (if you’re someone that loves water sports/activities, then this is the vacation spot for you) and monumental spots to visit.

Being here for almost a week, has given me the opportunity to catch up on sleep, rest and relax whenever I want. I haven’t made much time to visit tourist spots or even step foot outside¬†the resort¬†as there are a number of activities to engage in and six restaurants and two bars to dine at and enjoy great entertainment. The way things are going, I may not leave the resort until it’s time to fly back home.

Taking long walks on the beach or around the resort garden soothe’s the mind and clears my thoughts. And my favourite part of the day is sitting on the rocks, watching the waves hit the sand.

It is sad to say that this much needed break will eventually be over and the thought of that alone, is giving me serious holiday blues. Now this feeling is nothing new. Whenever I find myself having the time of my life (on holiday), I begin to feel slightly anxious once I hit home soil. And in the past, I’ve never found ways to tackle that feeling. I just let it ease off in its own time. On this occasion, I don’t want to do that, so Ive come up with a few ideas to help beat that depressed feeling that kicks in once I hit home.





No matter how busy or tied up my days get at home, it is very important for me to make time to relax. Slotting a power nap into my busy schedule isn’t something that has always worked for me in the past. This is because the unexpected can pop up at anytime and your attention or assistance may be required. And unless your kids are at school and you’ve got a quiet house to yourself, it’s hard to unwind and get yourself into relaxation mode.

One of the many changes I need to make once I hit home, is learning to say no sometimes. Whenever a favour is needed I tend to say yes 99.9% of the time. Even if that means I have to readjust my plans to cater to someone else. It is important for me to put myself first sometimes so that I can space everything out and make time to relax and unwind.

This will also help conquer that horrible feeling of holiday blues because it’ll give me space to clear my mind as if I am on holiday.

Side note: relaxing can be done in so many ways. You don’t need to wait for everyone to leave the house on your day off in order to relax. Try booking yourself into a spa for a facial and/or massage. Treat yourself to some well needed retail therapy or why not have brunch in a nice quiet restaurant, with a glass of champagne! And don’t worry about downing a glass of bubbly during the day or midweek. If this helps you unwind and gets rid of that spirit of depression, then go for it! And if it helps, why not invite a few girlfriends or some of your favourite people to enjoy and relax in the moment! If none of those suggestions excite you, then why not go for a walk. Nothing beats a nice stroll in your local area.









A little similar to when you taste the rainbow whenever you eat skittles, my next aim is to cook and embrace some of the lovely dishes I’ve enjoyed whilst being on this island.

The great thing about the resort I’m currently staying at is, they serve international flavours for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So if you’re not too keen on the local cuisine (see that little rhyme I did there *wink*), you can definitely enjoy a meal that your taste buds are familiar with.

The food on this island is nothing short of amazing. The dishes here consists of flavours from India, China, Italy and a taste of Europe. The main food over here is rice. Rice for breakfast…rice for lunch…and rice for dinner. And as an African girl, I practically grew up on rice…rice raised me! lol!

My favourite flavour from Mauritius so far is the fish creole stew which is served with vegetables, rice or pretty much whatever you fancy having it with. It is stuffed with flavours and is extremely filling. And because of that, I will be cooking this dish at home very often and I’m excited to have my kids try it too!

Bringing the exotic flavours back home with you from an amazing holiday, will surely help with that depressed feeling. It’ll give a sense of feel (and taste) of being on that tropical island.









Unless you have an emergency to attend to or something that requires your urgent attention, the best thing to do is unpack as soon as you shut your front door behind you. This is something I’ve always done whenever I return from travelling and I find that it helps with so many other things besides the blues.

One of the worst things, is having suitcases full of straw hats, bikini’s and sun screen clogging up your personal space at home. This doesn’t help because every time you turn to that direction or you go into that room, the suitcase full of summer and memories in paradise is there to remind of what once was…

Remove all those dirty clothes, empty the remains of the suitcase and shake off all the unwanted sand. Clean them, clear them and put them away for your next holiday and try not to think about them anymore. For someone who is based in London, this is the current season for chunky knit sweaters, boots and thermals so packing away all the spring/summer clothes and bringing forward the winter friendly ones, definitely helps set my mind in its right form.

Another thing that helps is giving your abode a deep and thorough clean before or after your travels. Personally, I like to do this before I travel, therefore I don’t have to return to a messy house.

Decluttering also helps. After living out of a suitcase (or in a hotel wardrobe, if you’re someone who likes to unpack everything on holiday) for a week (more/less) the best thing to do is get rid of all your unwanted items. You can always donate these things to your local charity shop or if you have the time to create a little online business, you can sell them on sites such as eBay or Depop. Decluttering your space also helps declutter your mind. And it gives a sense of relaxation and therapy whilst doing so. It is also good to get rid of unused items around the house or that dead plant sitting in the corner and buy your self a new one.



Those are my top three tips for kicking holiday blues where the sun don’t shine! I will be taking my own advise and putting these three points into practice as I count down the days until I return home. If you have any useful tips, please leave them down below.














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