“In a world full of trends, I want to remain classic” Iman


Let me start off by saying, IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK! This is my second blog post this year…yep, my second! To think I used to successfully publish at least one post per week with so much ease is slightly hard to believe. But a lot has changed over the past few years. Priorities have been readjusted and I’ve also made a commitment to myself to only write when it comes naturally.

So here it is, my second blog post of the year…

In collaboration with Femme Luxe Refinery I’ll be sharing a few tips on how to find your signature style. Now I know you’re all probably thinking “hasn’t she talked about this a million times already?” and the answer to that thought question is yes. However, trends in the fashion industry are moving faster than the speed of light and it can be difficult (if almost impossible) to keep up.

The quote above states exactly how I feel. For a few years now, fast fashion brands have taken over with their easy access to overly affordable clothing that allows you to keep up with your latest celebrities as well as remain trendy in society. But how long will it last? Depending on the brands you choose to purchase from, clothes have become so expensive and cheap at the same time. But one thing remains throughout them all and that is, the style of clothing.

So in order to master the art that is style and keep your bank balance somewhat healthy, you need to find what works for you.

In the past, Ive donned clothing from Femme Luxe however, I didn’t think it’ll become a regular thing. It is a brand I would classify in the fast fashion group however, after a thorough look on their website, I was able to successfully find a few pieces that worked for me and my style. The bonus of it all is the affordable prices they come at!

So what I’d like to encourage you all to do is weigh out your options when it comes to brands. Take that little extra time out, to do your homework/ research behind the brand and to have a detailed look at all they have to offer in terms of style. It is most likely, that you’ll find not only one…or two…but maybe even more than three pieces of clothing that you’ll love and will be able to incorporate into your wardrobe.

In this post, I am wearing a classy ruched midi dress which I absolutely love. This dress is so versatile in many ways. Before pairing it with black heels and gold earrings, I tried it on with a pair of red heels, flat sandals and even a denim coat and trainers for an androgynous look. I opted for the black heels and gold earrings because I wanted to achieve a classy evening/ date night look.

Not only does this dress scream class (in a classy way of course) but its also comfortable in terms of stretch and versatility. The one shoulder detail includes room to stretch and move around (which is very much necessary for a night out in the club with your girls) and the ruched detail also allows you to readjust the length of the dress. it is also roomy for those date nights where you’ve been saving your appetite for all the cocktails and crab legs in the world!

If black is not your colour, you can opt for a nude shade which also looks great on all skin tones (click here) and can be styled in various different ways to achieve your desired look.

The icing on the cake is the price! This dress was originally £37.98 but is now retailing for only £18.99 (50% off)!! So grab your size (sizes between 6 and 12) before its all gone….and thank me later.

Dress – Femme luxe Refinery- black one shoulder ruched dress 

Heels- Gianvito Rossi-Portofino sandals

Earrings- Pretty Little Thing- Gold double circle earrings

(dress was gifted for collaboration with FemmeLuxe Refinery)


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“Because simplicity never fails to make a statement”– Simple yet Stylish


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