A few weeks ago, I hit the high street stores in London. My aim. was to update my wardrobe with new essential pieces for Spring and Summer. When I popped into Zara on Bond Street, I came across so many lovely garments. Too many to the point where I felt like I needed them all. But like many other shopaholics, when I picked up my selected few and tried it on in the dressing room, they didn’t appear to be what I imagined. After making my purchase, I stopped by another Zara branch, further down towards Marble Arch. Upon arrival, I saw this beautiful two piece purple puff sleeve top, paired with a matching short skirt which also featured a large waist belt. Accompanied by this bomb ensemble, was a black and white polka dot style blazer dress, which also featured a waist belt.I was completely love struck at this point…I whipped my phone out and snapped a cute boomerang of both outfits and quickly shared it on my Instagram Stories. Within a few minutes, I received a ton of messages regarding the price, the fit and everything in between. I later browsed through Zara.com only to find that the top was retailing for £79.99. This annoyed every inch of me as well as my pockets; as I wasn’t prepared to fork out near £100 for a top! After a quick 12 second consideration, I decided to give myself some time to think thoroughly about this purchase and whether it was worth it or not.Days went by and it totally slipped my mind that I had ever shown interest in that garment. Despite the fact that I walked past the neatly dressed mannequin roughly four times a week (as I travelled to and from work), I never so much as gave it a thought…let alone a glimpse.

Until last week…

I hit the high street again, aiming to buy some decent footwear this time. On this occasion, I got distracted by the taste of silk skirts and tops. The first distraction came as I walked past Stradivarius. I ended up buying this blush tone silk asymmetric skirt for only £19.99. As I left the shop the thought of that Zara top struck my mind immediately. I said to myself “that purple top will look amazing with this skirt.” So off I went…back into Zara to see if I could cop it. And this is where the struggle began…


There were only two sizes left (XS and M). Picking up the medium size, I strolled towards the fittings rooms. When trying it on, I noticed the item was faulty, so I asked a member of staff, if they had anymore left in stock. The answer I received was “unfortunately not madam but we can order it online for you and have it delivered to any store of your choice.” We went ahead trying to process the order online, only to find that the item was completely sold out….EVERYWHERE! I ended up buying the faulty item however, I ensured that this was clarified on the receipt, in  case I changed my mind and wanted a refund. The level of desperation was at an all time high which is why I ended up buying the top but was I going to give up in finding one in a much better condition?…absolutely NOT.

When I left the store, I called Zara customer service line, and gave them the item number. Once again, I was told that the item was completely sold out everywhere and because it was a limited edition, the chances of it coming back were slim to none. I refused to accept this, so later on that day, I popped into another Zara store and after a verbal battle with two sales advisors, I ended up exchanging the faulty item for a brand new version and in a bigger and more comfortable size too.


Why did I just share my shopping experience with you you ask?

Because there is a very valuable lesson here to be learnt..by all of us. Around this time last year, one of my friends and I made a pact to never ever sit there and watch the world go by as we yearn for a fashionable item. If you see it and you like it…buy it babes! Because there are so many human eyes that will also come across that item and fall in love with it as much you did and theres nothing or no one that will hold them or their bank accounts back from purchasing the thang!! But we have both failed miserably at this…and because of our lack of effort we end up having to go through unnecessary struggles all in the name of fashion.

The same lesson is to be learnt in life. At times (a lot of times) opportunities are thrown our way and instead of grasping onto our ideas and turning those opportunities into a successful and prosperous reality, we tend to let it slide by because it we’re are too busy trying to occupy other things. That same opportunity is then thrown onto someone else path…they end up grabbing onto it and making something out of it while we sit there, moaning and wondering where we went wrong or why it isn’t happening for us.

Even if an idea pops into mind, is suggested or handed to you practically on a silver spoon, yet you’re not ready to follow it through or theres lack of faith in it; try to hold onto it and work on it as much as you can. If it ends up being something you didn’t expect, don’t label it as a failure; but rather use it as a lesson learnt and to be taught to fellow family, friends or business acquaintances.

So thats the moral of my shopping experience story….

Top- Zara (Item number 2180/779/611)  click here

Skirt- Stradivarius (click here)

Heels- Saint Laurent (sold out) click here or here


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    Really nice pictures. You can see that the photographer is a professional

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