“The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure.”- Christopher McCandless

As most of you can probably tell now, last month my partner and I travelled to Bali. We had an absolutely phenomenal 11 days on the island, based in Indonesia and we are planning on definitely going back there. Our trip was jam packed with a ton of activities recommended by family, friends and of course Google. Unfortunately, we didn’t make the time to experience everything and visit all the hot spots; due to a high level of jet lag, but I’d say we managed to explore the island in detail, relax and squeeze in some fun activities.

In this post, I’ll giving you all the information you need when visiting Bali! This includes the top ranked activities, places to visit and even some of the things we didn’t get the time to do. So lets go!



In no particular order, I’ll start off with what we got up to on our fourth day. We spent the day at Bali Swing in Ubud. The experience was nothing short of amazing!! I literally find it so soothing, watching other influencer document their experience at this fun filled place not knowing, that I was going to have the time of my life over there…no joke!


Now at first, I was a bit reluctant to the whole idea of being pushed on a swing which attached to some pretty trees, into the abyss. But after watching my partner have the time of his life (and he’s always willing to try new things, scary or not), paying all that money (overall cost of the entire trip) and screaming “YOLO YOLO” on my 29th birthday, I wasn’t going to let me scaredy cat attitude, get the better of me!

The place has 12 swings which vary in sizes, so if you’re not too keen on heights, you can always start off on a smaller swing and gradually work your way up with excitement. They also have these cute and ‘instagrammable’ birds nests which overlook the beautiful valley and God’s unique creation of nature. Let’s not forget the helicopter which is also cool for creative content and selfies that’ll spark a sweet memory, whenever you look back at them.

Bali Swing also offer various packages so if you’re more than happy to, you can spend the whole day there. They provide food and drink (a buffet I believe) and tons of professional photographers on site. They also provide transportation to and from your accommodation and the prices are fairly reasonable too.

Top Tip: ladies, ladies, ladies!! If you’re planning on beating your face to the core with that new poppin’ eyeshadow, shiny lipgloss and that foundation every beauty influencer has been raving on about; please make sure you set your makeup from start to finish! The last thing you want is for your makeup to shift from left to right as you swing up and down! And secure the WIG!!! SECURE THE WIG!!!

(You can check out all that Bali Swing has to offer on their official website at:











Another fun filled event that pushed me to conquer my fears! Bali Safari and Marine Park featured some pretty amazing animals and great entertainment too. As mentioned earlier, when tiredness kicked in, our bodies shut down immediately, so again, we didn’t make time to absorb all the park had to offer but we managed to watch a few shows, including the elephant show which was amazing (you will come across the word ‘amazing’ a lot in this post) and the tiger show.

We also went on a tour around the safari park, where we saw so many different animals. They were all based in different parts of the park (as expected) with a separation between African animals and Indonesian animals. Each stop we made, came with a detailed description of each animal, by our tour guide. The last time I had visited such a place, was back in Primary school when our class went to the London Zoo, so you can almost imagine how exciting it was, seeing all these beautiful animals ranging from elephants, lions, bears and deers roaming around. The sight of a beautiful zebra crossing (as in an actual zebra crossing over the path) with its unique monochrome shaded skin…okay I’m getting carried away…this is not a fashion post!

After a tour around the safari, we crossed over to the theme park where we went on a few rides and saw even more animals. We took our little tour through the bird section as well as the sea animal area too.

You can catch most of the footage from our trip to the safari, in my ‘Bali Travel Vlog’ part two, which will be out by Sunday or Monday evening.

If you would like more information on Bali Safari head over to their website at:













On our last full day, we toured around Ubud market. But before that, we went ATV riding with “Go ATV.”

We had so much fun. Upon arrival, we were greeted and given brief information on their services. We went on a ride around the area, where we saw more rice fields, we stopped and took pictures and even rode around in some mud…

It lasted about an hour. I chose to sit at the back as I’ve never ridden a quad bike. And with all the bumpy/ uneven roads and deep gutters, I didn’t want to be held responsible for the damage towards any human lives or property. I was able to catch some footage of this activity so make sure you pop over to my YouTube channel, subscribe and watch part 1 and 2, of our ‘Bali travel Vlog.’








Quad biking activités can get very dirty and rough at times. So if this is something you decide to do whilst in Bali, make sure you have on comfortable clothing and nothing too fancy; as you wouldn’t want it to get ruined. They also provide boots and a locker for you to keep your personal belongings.

The staff at Go-ATV are also very friendly and bubbly which makes the overall experience, 10 times better.












And last but by no means last, The Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud is definitely a great spot for tourists to visit. This place is filled with monkeys that come in all shapes and sizes. There are little to big families of monkeys and the beauty of it all is they’re able to run wild and free…and I literally mean wild!!


There are plenty of other things to do whilst if you’re visiting Bali. Depending on where you’re going, there are a number of hot spots that are popular amongst tourists; besides the ones Ive mentioned above.

If you’re in Ubud:

  • Tegallalang Rice fields
  • Puri Sareng Royal Palace- which we visited whilst touring around the market.
  • Satria Coffee Plantation
  • Bali Bird & Reptile park
  • Tegenungan waterfall

If you’re in Seminyak, which is also ideal for beaches, party hotspots and great night life:

  • Dream Museum zone (in 3D)
  • Potato Head Beach Club
  • Surfing at Seminyak Beach
  • Petitenget Temple
  • Nyaman Gallery
  • Escape Room
  • And many more…

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found all the information useful. If you have any tips or info on places to visit whilst in Bali, please feel free to drop a comment below. x






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