“I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as Autumn sunshine by staying in the house”– Nathaniel Hawthorne


Every year, I always plan a little something special for my birthday. Whether it’s treating myself to my favourite cake with a boujee design and yummy filling, it is that one time of the year, when the world evolves around me #IJokeIJoke.

I usually end up travelling for my birthday. Last year, my partner and I went to Greece (Kos) and it was the most relaxing and affordable trip ever! We spent a total of 12 euros whilst in Greece! We booked an all inclusive resort/hotel and we received amazing hospitality (click here to view the resort). We spent most of our days relaxing by the pool, the private beach or in our comfy bed. We could have done that all at home (well maybe not, as the weather in London during fall is horrible) however, we wanted a change of scenery; and sometimes, its just good to get away from everyday life. We used 2/3 days to explore Kos city and to see what the place had to offer. The locals were friendly, the food was great and the culture had an exciting and beautiful feel to it. Greece is a destination, that comes highly recommended by yours truly. X

This year we decided to kick things up a notch by booking a trip to Bali. And let me tell you, this has to be by far, the most amazing holiday experience. After October 2014, I didn’t think I could travel anywhere else and enjoy myself as much as I did in Barbados. However Bali, has so much to offer in terms of culture, entertaining people and most importantly, educating them. Our time here lasted for 10 days and besides the fact that I miss my family and friends, I was fully ready to chuck my passport in the sea and come up with a plan to stay on the island forever!! All of our trips consist of ‘r & r’ with rest being at 90% and recreation at a low 10%. This time, we kept a balance and made sure we engaged in fun (and sometimes daring) activities. A blog post on “Things To Do In Bali” will follow up shortly.


When choosing a holiday destination, we always aim to travel to countries where there is a hot climate. We get enough rain and strong winds at home in the U.K and this time of the year is when the weather falls into its transition period..and it wastes no time doing that. Summer in Britain isn’t as great as it could be either. In fact, Summer in Britain is usually your average Autumn and the highest level of heat we experience is usually at 23 degrees. So it is very important for us to narrow down our choices to hot destinations.

Throughout our stay, the weather has been absolutely fantastic! On our first night here, it rained but by sun rise, it had all dried up and the temperature remained warm. Although I’ve just cursed out the ‘Great British Summer,’ this year, we were hit with high temperatures of up to 30 degrees….it was amazing! And for that, I’m extremely thankful as I feel like it prepared me for the heat we experienced over here in Bali.

We booked ourselves into the beautiful Maya Ubud resort in Ubud, where we were surrounded by all things nature. From the peaceful sounds of the river hitting the rocks, to the beautiful green surroundings and epic views of the rain forest. Every morning, we woke up to the sounds of birds chirping, squirrels rummaging through the trees outside our villa and a gecko that sounded like the ‘wrong answer’ buzzer from the game show ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ And after a while, that sound became extremely irritating because a gecko somehow made its way into our villa and left tiny little droppings around the place every night. Nevertheless, it was better than waking up to the sound of an iPhone alarm every cold and blistery morning.

The service at our hotel was impeccable. The staff at the front desk, to the restaurant, the spa and room cleaning, everyone was friendly, hardworking, extremely humble and professional. If I/we decide to visit Ubud again, we will surely stay the Maya Ubud resort.

The resort also has so much to offer. Although we didn’t take full advantage of their services, every morning we had the opportunity to partake in a free yoga session, an hour long nature walk with a tour of the rice fields followed by complementary afternoon tea at the beautiful rooftop cafe, which evolved into a bar at night, offering half price on all cocktails! The truth is, we didn’t give ourselves enough time to adjust to the time difference. Because of that, we took naps after breakfast which ended up lasting longer than it should have.

The infinity pools at our resort were nothing short of amazing! We enjoyed a relaxing swim and laying by the poolside almost everyday. On one side of the resort, the sun beamed down heavily, thus providing us with a warm and comfortable water temperature. On the other side, the pool was located by the river where the giant curtain fig and ceiba trees laid its shadow over pool, blocking out the sun. After about 5-50 minutes of dipping into the water, our bodies familiarised itself with the not so welcoming temperature. There was also an outdoor jacuzzi, fitted in at the corner. Shooting out bubbles, this is where I always headed to for a free water massage, enabling me to relax my muscles. Did I mention that almost every corner of the resort had an epic backdrop ? When we arrived in paradise, I felt like a little kid in a candy store, jumping up and down with excitement and saying to my partner “my Instagram is going to be popppppppppinnnnnnnnn!!!”  We also met some lovely locals who booked day trips every so often to the resort, to enjoy their facilities as well as groups of travellers from countries such as Switzerland and Australia. We made friends with the evening staff at the restaurant and engaged in pleasant conversations about family and the joys of being a parent. Our stay at the Maya Ubud resort & spa was definitely one to remember and I for sure, will find myself there again; to create more memories and experience the beauty they have to offer.

Now, why is it important to travel every now and then? To escape your reality and live in a dream bubble once in a while. There is nothing wrong in throwing yourself a little reward and taking a break from everyday life; which probably consists of non stop hard work. I prefer to travel rather than anything else because I gain other experiences from it. It gives me the opportunity to learn about new cultures, how other people around live their day to day lives and it also gives me the chance to educate myself…these things can never be taken away from you.






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