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Sometimes life can be so hectic and you end up finding yourself wrapped up in your ‘to do list,’ work, education, keeping up with the latest trends and trying to please everyone. We all need a well deserved break every now and then; whether that means taking a long pause and booking yourself a luxury spa treatment, an intimate date night at your favourite restaurant with your favourite person/s or just curling up on the sofa with a high calorie cheat day beverage, relaxed clothes and a good book or television show.

Nothing beats a comfortable and relaxed setting in my books and what better way to achieve that than with a cool and nourishing mask from WEI. Wei masks are fantastic and welcoming on all skin tones and also cater to a wide range of skin types too. It is enriched with an age-defying essence and gives your skin that radiant boost it deserves. It is also packed with nothing but natural herbs such as, green tea leaf and bamboo leaf. This provides an even tone complexion and helps reduce any inflamation on the face.

I simply love how easy the application process is; as I’ve tried out various masks in the past and so far, nothing beats a good beauty mask from WEI. And unlike other masks, all you need to do is moisturise and apply some serum once the quick 10 minute process is complete. I also love that it contains natural ingredients and products which are extremely friendly towards my skin.

As we’re getting older, it is very important (if anything, now more than ever) that we take very good care of ourselves. It is all well and good, taking pride in your appearance and sharing the beautiful art that is good style and a creative dress sense however, it is just as important to take care of your health. Although this is a beauty post, it is more based on natural beauty…the face you wake up with every morning and the one you go to bed with at night…the face you stare at in the mirror everyday…the natural image that is striped away from eyebrow tints, blusher and that high pigmented bronzer.

The face you should be proud to show off and flaunt (off course in a modest and humble way) without the assistance from Fenty Beauty and MAC Cosmetics. It is extremely important that we as men and women, pay attention to the changes that may occur in our health. This may be occasional breakouts on your face, due to allergies, stress or various other things and tackle those issues with products that are good to us and contain natural ingredients.

WEI offer a wide range of beauty products that can be used to refresh your skin and have you looking young and vibrant again. As my days are passing by, I can see and feel many changes taking place in and out of my body. Luckily, Ive stacked up on these fab facial masks, to delay the appearance of ageing. And with everything going on in life right now my days (and sometimes nights) are jam packed with work and other important things to do. Taking a breather with this millet sprout mask, helps me to get back into my right mode.

You can purchase the WEI millet sprout mask online at Cult Beauty along with other products from the brand. Right now, you can pick up 6 masks for half price at only £28.80, with free shipping (UK only) too!

WEI beauty.


“Because simplicity never fails to make a statement”-Simple Yet Stylish


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