“…to empower, unify and strengthen the everyday woman.”– The Sass Shop



Back again with another blog post, featuring another snazzy and easy to style slogan tee from The Sass Shop! I sure hope you guys enjoyed reading last weeks post…and I hope you’re taking full advantage of the 25% discount off the entire site (use the code SIMPLEYETSTYLISH to redeem your money off) too.

I’m sure you all would have noticed by now, that on top of every post, I always include a meaningful statement, which relates to the text or the outfit images in each post. This week’s statement is “…to empower, unify and strengthen the everyday woman.” Last week, I talked about how clothes can make you look or feel and the power behind a good good garment with a significant slogan.









If I REALLY had to choose, I’d say this “Nah!” t-shirt, has to be my favourite out of the two. The message is direct, straight to the point and how its illustrated on this article of clothing is nothing less than perfect! We all know who Rosa Parks is. And we clearly know how she stood for her rights as a citizen, as a woman but first and foremost as a human being, who shouldn’t be treated differently due to the shade of her divine melanin. Like others in history, she paved a way for so many of us in various different ways. Her long living legacy, will constantly remind us of the strength and courage we hold within ourselves, to do better, live better, stand for whats right and to teach those who are in need of such life lessons.

Everything about this top screams bold, courageous, strong and simply “I’m not having it, so take your *bs* somewhere else!”

I initially planned on styling this top with simple black denim jeans and torn up vans to give off another relaxed fit. But I tell ya, after I slipped my head and arms through it then wriggled my chest and tummy whilst rolling it down to complete the task of putting it on; I felt like spicing it up with a pair of angelic looking culottes and eye catching gladiator heeled sandals. And to be honest, I’m glad I didn’t style it any other way. Although this top is versatile and easy to style, as I mentioned before, I simply love the genius idea behind the interpretation of the slogan. Nah….means…NAH, NOPE, NO, NEIN, NON, H**L TO THE NAW….(stop me when you’re done lol) I mean the word loudly speaks for itself and quickly sums up what Rosa Parks said!









You can shop a wider range of stylish products from The Sass Shop by clicking on the following link (click here). This brand has a number of pieces which are essential for your wardrobe. The Sass Shop clothing and accessories can be styled countless ways. From shirt dresses, to slogan tees, all the way down to accessories, so make sure you pop over to their site and spoil yourself with piece that will make you feel like an empowered and ever so stylish woman! Don’t forget to use the code SIMPLEYETSTYLISH for 25% off your purchase. And please do tag @the_sass_shop (and myself at @simpleyetstylish) on Instagram, to show us how you styled your clothing!


Direct link to top I’m wearing in this post >> click here



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