“Respect and honour your temple- and it will honour you”







This season (Spring) is finally upon us. I mean, it doesn’t really feel like Spring until the weather starts brightening up right? Today, we were hit with clear blue skies, some sun and a tad bit of breeze…but thats London for you. There’s something about this season that always makes me want to start afresh. Not only do I clear out my wardrobe and draws; full of sweaters, turtle necks and thermals but I also like to revisit my makeup box, rotate all my lip products and display all the pastels and neutral shades at the forefront.

It’s all well and good, transitioning your wardrobe and beauty collection but what about what really matters?…your mind, body and soul. You probably would have noticed, that I’ve been posting a lot more than usual on my food page; where I’ve talked about eating right and balancing a healthy lifestyle. I still enjoy my favourites and indulge in a bit of food temptations here and there but Ive become more conscious about what I pump into my body and as a result of that, I aim to go for healthier options as much as possible.

I’ve also decided to embark on a detox journey for the next four weeks, by consuming 8 ounces of water per day, which will contain a different fruit, vegetable or herb.










Exercising and eating right has become a top priority however, I’m also keen on finding inner peace, surrounding myself with positive vibes/ energy and having great skin!! In order for me to achieve this, I wrote down a list of things I need to do… or not do.

  1. Connect with God– reading my Bible and communicating with God through prayer and my thoughts is very important to me. In life, I’ve had to learn a lot of things the hard way. But one thing I can say, is my relationship with my Father has helped me through so many obstacles and has enabled me to find inner strength and peace. Reading can be very therapeutic for me, especially when I need to take a break from everything that is going on in the world. What better book than the Holy Bible?
  2. Time heals– Giving myself time to heal from any issues I may be experiencing is very important. Again, this was something I had to learn the hard way but once I grasped onto the idea of allowing myself to feel whatever I needed to feel and slowly allowing my wounds to heal, I became comfortable with the idea of letting go and moving on…peacefully.
  3. Acceptance– Being in denial is such a toxic way to live life. Things may not always go according to plan and the sooner we all come to terms with that, the better. Sometimes you have to accept certain things or people for who or what they are and just move on. Sometimes, we spend so much time and energy into trying to fix things that are out of our control, or seeking for answers that aren’t meant to be found.









4. Truth & Honesty– This relates back to my previous point (no.3). Accepting the truth is being honest about life is the only way you can move on with things. This means if you’re stuck in dishonest and untruthful ways, you will never progress until you start being truthful with yourself and those around you. The truth may not always be pretty to stare at or reflect on however, it is something that cannot be hidden (for long) and will never go away. It is so refreshing when you finally let go of the secrets and lies that have been weighing you down. Not only that, being truthful also opens the door for good people to walk in your life and build an honest and beautiful relationship with them.

5. Mind, Body and Soul– pay very close attention to what your mind, body and soul is going through. Make time for yourself to heal and start afresh when necessary. Provide your mind, body and soul with what it needs in order to be healthy and live peacefully.

6. Treat Yourself…You Deserve It!– Make time and put effort into making yourself look good. When you look good, you feel good. If you’ve had your eye on a particular dress, pair of shoes or cute bag…splurge (if your finances permit)!! Go out with your friends, spend priceless moments with your family, engage in new and exciting activities, travel and have a little nibble on that delicatessen you’ve been longing to taste! You only live once.

















I hope you guys found this post useful. If you have any tips/ advice on how to detox and cleanse your space, then please feel free to leave a comment below.



















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