The Emotional Journey I call 2017…


2017 has been such an emotional year. I feel like there’s been more downs than ups and during the hardship of it all, I spent a lot of time dwelling on things as opposed to picking myself up and carrying on with life. I always go on about the power in prayer and how important it is to talk to God. However when I was faced with a difficult task, I found myself running away from the idea of communicating with him. There were times when I felt like prayer wasn’t necessary because God knew what was coming my way and he knew how I felt before I even felt it. But that wasn’t the right approach to take. If anything, It was the worst!! It was until I started opening up to him again when things started to follow through. From relationships, to work, to my own personal issues, I felt like I was going through it all and I honestly didn’t know how to handle it. Thank God for his mercies as well as the amazing people in my life who were extremely supportive, honest and showed me nothing but love throughout the entire year.

IMG_8746As my birthday approached in October, I started to view things differently. I felt the old Barbara slowly coming back and it felt fantastic too. I received The Bomb Life (by Claire Sulmers) as one my birthday gifts and I literally couldn’t put the book down. I also travelled for my birthday which was a much needed. I came back feeling refreshed, energised and all sorts of ready to get back on top of things. I began to take occasional trips down memory lane where I would remind myself of how far I’ve come in life. I gave myself a gentle reminder of all the hardships I faced in the past and how I easily tackled them. I also composed notes in my diary of all the goals I aim to achieve in life. I stopped doing this during the emotional faze and that didn’t help either. I thought that making mental notes would be easier and less time consuming but that was another unwise decision. I also scrolled through old archives and couldn’t help but smile and give myself a little pat on the back for graduating, having the opportunity to meet and chat with public figures who inspire me (such as Claire Sulmers), being a great mom, daughter, sister, partner and friend and just being that girl who always has BOMB A** SHOES on her feet!!

IMG_8748So to conclude, 2017 wasn’t as bad as I painted it out to be. In life, there’s always choices and you are in charge of what you choose to dwell on. I’m surrounded by strong individuals who I would say were faced with much greater obstacles than what I was crying about, yet I witnessed them push through and keep on top of things. I chose to focus on the negativity instead of using it as a tool to strengthen me. But as soon as I realised that I was losing myself and my relationship with God, I bounced back quicker than a ball. I started working on my YouTube channel (click here to subscribe) which I’m extremely proud of thus far and I’ve got new content for my blog too.

IMG_8757I’m so excited for the future and what God has in store for me. I’m looking forward to all things new and exciting for 2018 and just….just making money moves really!!

Jumper- H&M (old) similar here

Trousers- Zara (old) similar here

Heels- Zara click here

Earrings- Freedom (Topshop) click here

Lipstick- Dior click here




“Because simplicity never fails to make a statement”-Simple Yet Stylish

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