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Day 6 in Greece and the weather is absolutely lovely compared to last night when it was pouring down with rain and intervals of thunder and lightening. I must say I’ve enjoyed my time in Greece. This holiday was about relaxation and just having some time to ourselves. Thankfully we achieved that.

Today, I decided to finally take a dip in our shared pool (the water temperature has been a little too low for me over the past few days), so I threw on my new one piece purchased from Ashanti Swimwear

I have no regrets purchasing this swimsuit! It is literally the best one I own!! I remember when placing my order, I was extremely excited to see how it looked, what the packaging would be like and if the product was as amazing as it seemed online…..and IT IS!!! I purchased it online via a quick and easy process and it arrived within a few days (I’m sure it arrived before the estimated date). It was packaged neatly, with the receipt, a thank you note from the brand a little tag containing information on care and maintenance. I tried it on and to my surprise, It didn’t look how I imagined/ pictured it to look….IT WAS BETTER!! The only thing I would say is, if you don’t like exposing a little side boob or you’re not fond of high rise underwear, then this isn’t the costume for you. However, Ashanti Swimwear has a number of different and beautiful styles to fit and suit every woman, so do check out their website. A lot of brands are now trying to incorporate their cultural backgrounds into their designs, which is amazing!! Unfortunately, some of them don’t apply the right methods, process or fabrics into their vision which ends up demonstrating a low level of quality. I love the quality of fabrics used to make this piece and not to mention, how rich in colour it is. It really shows off the vibrant Kente pattern (originated from Ghana) oh so beautifully.

I topped up my slay game with a little shimmer oil from Asante Luxe Glow in the shade bronze.

Swimwear-Ashanti Swimwear

Body oil- Asante Luxe Glow

“Because simplicity never fails to make a statement”-Simple Yet Stylish


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