” I just threw it together…”


“I just threw this outfit together at the last minute..”

That was my response to many who complimented me via social media, when I uploaded this outfit. Last month I attended a wedding and had no idea what to wear. Prior to the wedding, I didn’t make much time to find an outfit to buy so at the last minute (as in an hour before applying my makeup), I put this look together by simply visualising and hoping it’ll look good; as I didn’t have time to put another outfit together. At first I thought of just wearing the dress on it’s own, but lately I’ve been having some issues with my arms (nothing too serious) and I didn’t feel like showing them.


This peplum garment, is actually a dress. I’ve worn it in previous blog posts (click here and here) with a shirt or as a skirt. I’ve also worn it to several special occasions including my birthday. I honestly prefer it as a skirt as its easy to style with various tops. It was purchased from Miss Selfridge back in 2013. Unfortunately, I haven’t come across anything similar, nor has it been restocked in Miss Selfridge. I do receive a lot of messages regarding this attire so I will try my best to find a similar item on the high street.


Top- H&M (click here)

Belt- Hermes

Dress (worn as a skirt)- Miss Selfridge (2013 collection)

Heels- Casadei (click here)

“Because simplicity never fails to make a statement”- Simple Yet Stylish


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