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Autumn/ Winter is all about curling up in bed or on the sofa with a hot beverage, early cosy nights, golden crisp leaves departing from its branches and basking in heart felt festive movies infront of a big screen; surrounded by family/friends. One thing I love the most about this time of the year, is the fashion…but with the oversize knits, knee high boots and autumnal shades, comes the cold and unbearable weather! Remember that image of Lenny Kravitz wearing the duvet sized scarf?… (click here to refresh your memory) Yeah…well…with the temperature as low as -1 degrees so early into the season, no amunt of wool can keep one warm during this time of the year.

When buying winter pieces, it is vital that you invest in warm garments. As well as considering style when making your winter purchases, you must also think about what pieces can help you prevent trips to the doctors for flu jabs or a medicine cabinet full of cough remedies, throat lozenges and inhaler nasal sticks! You must also shop smart. When selecting styles and colours, you must also make a decision on whether those pieces are wearable in the next coming years; for Autumn/ Winter. This also helps to a great extent, when trying to save money.

I picked up this knit ensemble from H&M a few weeks ago. When shopping during this time of the year, you’ll notice a small amount of shades run through the stores. These colours are usually very popular during and depending on what you buy, they can easily be donned throughout the transition period between Autumn/ Winter to early Spring. This dress is only retailed at £29.99, which is pretty decent considering how expensive some pieces are during this time of the year. It provides a great deal of warmth and comfort and the colour can be easily paired with various types of clothing. I purchased it in a large size, as I aimed to achieve an oversize look (although this isn’t necessary as the sizes run slightly big). I plan to make very good use of this garment, as I believe its versatile and SOOO suitable for this unbearable weather.

Hat- Gucci (click here)

Dress- H&M (similar here)

Boots- Casadei (alternative here)

“Because simplicity never fails to make a statement”-Simple Yet Stylish


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