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Every now and then, I like to scroll through my images just to see if I’m fulfilling my promises as a fashion blogger. When I first began to blog, my main aim was to demonstrate how you can dress ‘high fashion’ without the price tags. In addition to that, I’ve always mentioned how important it is to repeat old garments and how to make it look fresh and vibrant everytime. Through this all, I’m a lover of shoes (heels to be more specific) and overtime, I’ve made a lot of great purchases. So far this year, this has to be my third blog post where I’ve included these Tom Ford heels. When I first purchased them, I was extremely excited. When they arrived I said to myself “what on earth am I going to wear with these? All I ever wear is black!..” However, they’ve become one of my ‘go to’ shoes and at times I feel as if I don’t wear it enough!

I always say to my clients and people who contact me with style enquiries, that once you have a good set of footwear in your collection, you can never go wrong with your style. I like to dress from the bottom up (I choose my footwear first before clothes, hair and makeup) and I do the same when styling clients or models for photoshoots. I find this much much easier. I also feel as if footwear attract more attention than your actual attire. When you opt for unique and stylish shoes, people around you have no choice but to like your whole outfit too.

Paired with a navy blue shirt dress, this outfit gurantees a great look for casual events or even workwear.

Dress- M&S(click here)

Shoes- Tom Ford (Click here for similar item)

Choker- Urban Outfitters (click here for similar product) (or here)

“Because simplicity never fails to make a statement”-Simple Yet Stylish


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