The Pinker Print

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The Pinker Print-by Chimmy Lawson.


Due to the excellence of this book, I ended up re-reading it thrice!

The Pinker Print, was written by Chimmy Lawson. In this book, Lawson talks about various area’s of life such as love, race and role models. She also touched upon feminism throughout the book and emphasised on how to deal with this never ending polotical and social movement. It is an amazing and very useful read for both women and men. It also contains great content for encouragement and not to mention, humour.

I’m not going to quote the book or give too much information away; as I urge you guys to purchase a copy.

Click here  to purchase the book and you can thank me later for this great  recommendation.


“Because simplicity never fails to make a statement”-Simple Yet Stylish


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